Newest Varieties

Berry size is generally larger than a Thompson Seedless with a slight Muscat flavor that eats very well

Sweet Scarlett
Sweet, colorful red seedless grape with crisp flesh and a light, pleasant, muscat flavor.

Scarlet Royal
Attractive, dark-red skin and translucent, pale yellow-green flesh.  Ripens mid-August, the grapes help fill the gap between Flames and Crimsons.

Looks similar to a Crimson, though generally larger in size.  Berries are crunchier and have a slight muscat flavor with a cherry red color.

Flavor Fall Pluots
Last volume pluot for the CA tree fruit season.  Large size, high sugar and variegated exterior ranging from deep purplish red to green.

Black Cherry Pluots
Dayka & Hackett will grow and market 25,000 cartons of this enormously flavorful and unique pluot. Get a huge jump start on your competitors through exclusive offerings of this variety.

New late season (March thru May) variety of seedless mandarin derived from the Murcott.  First commercial production expected in 2009.

New to San Joaquin Valley, it is a late maturing variety (late January thru March) with good color, good appearance and good taste.