Consumers Love Our Fruit!


I have never written to a company that ships fruits but I had to tell you that I recently purchased some nectarines from our local Aldi’s store. These nectarines are the BEST nectarines I have EVER had!!! They are so sweet and juicy I just can’t believe how wonderful they are! So I had to tell you Thank you for distributing these beauties to our area.

Enjoying sweet and juicy nectarines in Michigan.

W. Morris
Freeland, MI


Dear People of DaykaHackett:

I purchased a package of your Flavor Grown Plums that came from Reedly, California from Aldi’s in Hickory, North Carolina about 3 weeks or so ago.  I enjoyed everyone of them immensely.  They were some of the tastiest plums I have eaten in the last few years.(firm, sweet and juicy with the tang in the skin)  I am amazed how we get such fresh fruit all year round from different parts of the world.  I don’t know if you grow the Pluots and Apriums but they have also been good last year, haven’t seen them much this year.

I grew up in a hill station in South India and we ate plums off the trees.  They looked like the smaller plums that are part red and part golden on the outside.  I love plum jam with the peelings in it which is very hard to find now in stores in the US.  When plums get too ripe to eat they are still great microwaved, pureed and sugar added to make a plum sauce.

Just want all of you to know I appreciate the work that is done to bring fresh fruit to my table.  Praying for your company, that you will have good crops all over the world this year and a great business year for all.   Growers, pickers, packers, truckers, airliners, secretaries, bosses, owners, tasters, researchers, etc.  All the best for growing the Best.

Thanks again, just thought you would appreciate some appreciating what you do.

Mary P.
Hickory, North Carolina