• Precision packing to customers’ needs
• Efficient shipping practices
• High capacity cold storage solutions

California Farming Operations

Dayka & Hackett's domestic farming operations are situated in Parlier and Reedley, California, at the heart of the San Joaquin Valley. The selection of table grape varieties grown on these farms was meticulously carried out by Tim Dayka, a co-founder of the company with over 30 years of expertise in the global table grape industry. Dayka & Hackett proudly collaborates with leading table grape breeding programs such as Sun World™️ and Bloom™️. Following extensive plantings and vineyard redevelopments, the vineyards are now reaching full production. These mature vineyards enable Dayka & Hackett to provide a broad selection of proprietary table grapes to consumers worldwide, commencing in 2024.

Alta Vista

Acquired in 2020, Alta Vista is Dayka & Hackett’s cold storage and packing representation in California’s South Valley. Located in the “Grape Hub” of the state, Alta Vista’s operational capabilities are highlighted by three state of the art Marco® packing lines, giving the company the ability to pack specifically for customers’ needs.

Kool Kountry, LLC

Kool Kountry serves as one of our cold storage and packing facilities on the west coast. It is located in Reedley, CA and is adjacent to our Dayka & Hackett headquarters. This facility keeps our fruit fresh after it is harvested, packed and ready to be shipped to our buyers for the consumers enjoyment.


As our largest packing house on the west coast, our team at Fresh Select packs many different commodities such as oranges, mandarins, lemons, peaches, plums and nectarines. This facility runs year around to bring our buyers and customers Flavor Grown fruit throughout every season.

FreshPac, LLC

Our operations expand across the country to FreshPac in Wilmington, Delaware where our team on the east coast handles fruit being imported from our trusted growers internationally.


Dayka & Hackett operates in Frutura Texas to accommodate the company’s growing presence in the tropical fruit category, which includes Mangos, Limes and now Avocados. It is strategically located near the McAllen, Texas / Mexican border and will act as the hub for our Mexican tropical fruit imports.


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