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We are a grower owned and operated company located in the heart of Central California.

We are vertically integrated in the sense that we manage the supply chain from the farm through packing, cooling, marketing and logistics.
We are focused on creating a team-based environment to achieve goals we have set forth.
We are focused on selecting varieties with the best flavor profile and our seasoned field representatives make sure we are harvesting fruit at its optimum maturity.
We are consumer driven. Feedback from the end consumer is highly important to us and embraced to see where we can improve.
We are passionate about fresh fruit and about the details. We travel throughout the world regularly to explore new ideas and improve the value we deliver to our customers and the consumer.
We are Dayka & Hackett.


Our most important asset is our people. We have an amazing team of highly qualified individuals in whom we generously invest. We challenge each other to think and work differently, seeking to provide superior results for our customers and growers. We have established a strong recruitment program that broadens our capabilities as a company and builds a stronger team for future generations.


We seek to bring best in class produce varieties to our customers while actively working with major breeding programs to maintain the great quality our customers enjoy year-round. Our team travels the globe extensively to stay current on industry trends that enhance all aspects of our vertically integrated organization from the farm to your table.


We are in the relationship business; many of our relationships have spanned multiple decades. We have cultivated longstanding partnerships with prominent growers from all major growing regions, domestically and internationally. Our team is heavily focused in gaining a deep understanding of each grower and their operations.


Tim Dayka
Chief Executive Officer

Co-founder Tim Dayka is responsible for leading and directing the sales and marketing team at Dayka & Hackett. He is well known among the executive ranks of the top supermarket retailers. Tim is an authority on new varieties and trends in the marketplace. He has been invited on numerous global procurement tours with top retail executives seeking to align with the world’s top producers. Tim is very creative and has the unique ability to build successful retail programs.

Kyle Hackett
Chief Operating Officer

Kyle Hackett, as a current board member of the California Fresh Fruit Association (CFFA), represents California’s fresh fruit industry by advocating legislative and regulatory issues, at state, federal and international levels.

David Silva
Field Operations Manager

David Silva currently sits on the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) Advisory Committee, is part of 2 committees for the California Fresh Fruit Association (CFFA), and has recently accepted a nomination for the Kiwifruit Administrative Committee!

Tony Calvillo
Global Sourcing Manager

We are thrilled to announce that Tony Calvillo has been invited to serve on the International Advisory Board of the United Fresh Produce Association! Along with the rest of the board, Tony will help influence the international fresh produce community. We are excited to support him in this new role.


Here are just some of the quality charities, schools and organizations we've supported.

As a family-oriented company, we understand the importance of our children and we stand by Valley Childrens mantra, “Kids are Our World”. Dayka & Hackett is a proud cornerstone donor to this life changing organization, and we extend our gratitude to all those helping make a difference in these childrens lives’.

Our youth are indeed our future and because of that we are proud to be a leading sponsor of Fresno County’s Boys & Girls Club. The empowerment of the youth in our community is important to us here at Dayka & Hackett and we are pleased to support an organization that is striving for this goal.

Central California Food Bank is dedicated to ending hunger in the valley and this is an initiative that we support here at Dayka & Hackett. Central California is an agricultural giant and we believe ending hunger here is a step in the right direction to addressing hunger issues worldwide.


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